The Úri 72. building is located at the heart of the Castle district which is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Budapest. It stands opposite the tower of the medieval church of Mary Magdalene, next to Kapisztrán square and the Museum of Military History.
This late baroque bulding built at the end of the 18th century has been renewed and renovated and now this magnificent building operates as the home of BC4LS.

It was the last house on Úri street: a parish building, a family house, a military treasury, a beverage meter, an electric load distribution center and, by the way, the Magyar Nemzeti Bank wanted to keep its gold reserves here. Below the house there is a cellar system extending to a depth of 45 meters, which also connects to the Labyrinth under the Castle. Although the property has been neglected in recent decades and its condition has deteriorated.


Once you walk across Chain Bridge you will understand truly why Budapest is referred to as the spice of Europe. Budapest is one of the world’s most culturally, architecturally, and environmentally beautiful and historic modern mid-sized cities, an authentic character. Its charm lies in the many cultural influences that affected the city during its history. It is a metropolis that is historic yet modern at the same time and has all the classical and cosmopolitan aspects of a European capital.
You’ll be surprised about how much Budapest actually has to offer: historic buildings, museums, libraries, churches, synagogues, international communities, active professional and sparkling social life.
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