Brian Chi-ang Lin

Institution: Sustainability Professor and Business Adviser at the National Chengchi University in Taipei, Taiwan; Associate Editor for The Journal of Economic Surveys and Forum for Social Economics
Research field: circular economy, sustainable development, sustainable cities

David Bartosch

Institution: Institute of Advanced Studies at the Beijing Normal University
Research field: Chinese history, philosophy and culture, international relations

Jia Weilie

Institution: Vice president and research professor at the Beijing Academy of Ecological Civilization
Research field: civilizational ecology

José Vargas-Hernandez

Institution: Brodward International University; Tecnológico Superior de Jalisco Unidad Zapopan
Research field: in Organizational Economics, Urban green innovation spaces

Lentner Csaba

Institution: Full-time professor, Dr. habil, CSc, PhD, CPA Finances & Accounting; Head of the Public Finances Research Institute at the Faculty of Political Sciences and Administration of the National University of Public Service
Research field: state finance-public finance, monetary and fiscal policy

Michael Northcott

Institutions: Adjunct Professor at the Indonesian Consortium of Religious Studies at Universitas Gadjah Mada Graduate School in Yogyakarta, Indonesia; Professor Emeritus at the Faculty of Divinity,  University of Edinburgh; Guest Professor at the Evangelical Theology Faculty, Leuven
Research field: ethics, religion and ecology, bioethics, climate ethics, economic and social ethics, political theology

Richard Werner

Institution: Member of Linacre College of Oxford; Founding president at Local First; Founder at Centre for Banking, Finance and Sustainable Development
Research field: banking and finance

Ryosei Kokubun

Institution: Former President at the National Defense Academy of Japan
Research field: Chinese politics, East Asian foreign relations, international politics

Steve Keen

Institution: University College London
Research Field: Economics of climate change, alternative macroeconomics complex systems approach to macroeconomics

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