BC4LS Sustainability Studies 2021 Scientific Research Competition

The Budapest Centre for Long-Term Sustainability (BC4LS) is happy to announce its Scientific Research Competition for 2021!

We invite you to apply to our Scientific Research Competition if you have a PhD or an equivalent scientific degree and you perform outstandingly in the field of sustainability and science.

Applicants are required to submit research papers in any of the following fields:


A. Sustainable financial models and solutions

B. Green economy, renewable energy production and energy efficiency

C. The consequence of transforming globalisation and the challenges it poses

Within the above topics, a research paper can be submitted in the following categories:

Topic A: Sustainable financial models and solutions

a) What is the minimum database and scale required for a good financial behaviour model? How stable are behavioural indicators in a changing economic environment? Will financial and consumption preferences change after the COVID crisis?

b) What can artificial intelligence be used for and what are its limitations for financial service providers?

c) By using artificial intelligence, in what areas can FinTech companies or neobanks be better than incumbents? Are they still expected to have completely new business models?

d) Are there ethical dilemmas about the results provided by artificial intelligence? If so, in what areas can they occur and how can they be resolved?

Topic B: Green economy, renewable energy production and energy efficiency

e) What challenges does climate change pose to economies? What are its main risks and impacts affecting finance, the economy and energy?

f) What green financial products and schemes could best provide the resources for the green transition? What positive environmental impacts should we target with these products?

g) How, by what incentives and regulations can the state reduce the environmentally harmful impacts of economic production (e.g. green taxes)?

Topic C: The consequence of transforming globalisation and the challenges it poses

h) What economic and trade policy consequences could the rivalry between China and the United States have?

i) What might be the consequences of the transforming world order for the European Union?

j) What innovation and technology strategies are needed in the changing geopolitical environment?

k) Because of coronavirus, how widespread can the repatriation of certain strategic sectors become, and how dominant can protectionist economic policy become on the international stage?

The top three finishers in each topic (A., B., C.) will be awarded a publication opportunity in the BC4LS 2022/Vol. 1, study volume and will receive a cash prize.

Application deadline: 30 November 2021

Submission of research paper: 31 January 2022

Please find more information on the research paper:
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