In our first BC4LS workshop video, Abishur Prakash, Péter Fáykiss, Imre Kocsis and Norbert Csizmadia are talking about the importance of sustainability, the connection between technology and sustainability, and how AI drives our future.

In the fifth volume of BC4LS Talks Mandeep Rai talks about sustainable development, the challenges of the present and the future and the importance of long-term sustainability.

Our first guest, Angus Forbes, a recognised financial advisor, who left the financial sector in 2007 and turned into a leading environmentalist, draws attention to the accelerating destruction of the biosphere.

In the fourth volume of BC4LS Talks Richard A. Werner talks about the concept and the biggest challenges of sustainability, as well as the relationship between economic growth and sustainability.

In the third volume of BC4LS Talks Gusztáv Báger talks about sustainable development, the future House of Sustainability for humanity and the connection between the megatrends and long-term sustainability.

In the next volume of BC4LS Talks Abishur Prakash talks about the future of artificial intelligence, its impact on the upcoming years, and the relationship between AI and geopolitics.

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